Dear Members,


Yes it’s time for a fun day with the family, it is our annual garden and wild bird count on the 28th November for 2015.


We have attached our birding list for you to update and forward back to the office, or just write down the names of the birds and send it to us by the 5th December 2015.  A few photographs of individuals or groups bird watching will just be wonderful.


You can sit quietly in your garden and watch for an hour or two, or form a group and go out for a few hours.


Please remember if you see a bird write it down even if you think it’s just a common dove, it’s important for us to know that the common dove still occurs in the area.


A special word of thanks to Dries Cremer for keeping our list updated.


Enjoy yourselves and please keep a bird bath full of water in this heat for our feathered friends.