The Cullinan Conservancy is located approximately 20km East of Pretoria.  For a map of the area, see Contact us.

Our Nature: Marikana Thornveld 

Marikana Thornveld is open Acacia karroo woodland occurring in valleys and slightly undulating plains and lowland hills.

Scrubs are more dense along drainage lines, on termitaria and rocky outcrops.

The Marikana Thornveld vegetation unit falls within a summer-rainfall region with very dry winters and frequent winter frosts.

The Marikana Thornveld vegetation unit is considered endangered.

The conservation target is 19%. Less than 1% is conserved in statutory reserves such as Magaliesberg Nature Area.

The unit is considered impacted, with 48% transformed, mainly by urbanization and cultivation. Towards the east industrial development is the greater threat.

Mucina&Rutherford (2006)

Our Flora

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 Grasslands are one of the areas richest in biodiversity, especially with regards to plants. We have identified several red data species such as shown below. More information on our red data page.

Our Fauna

Several rare species reptiles, snakes,   birds and mammals occur in our area, not to mention the insects.


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