NACSSA Position on breeding of game colour variants.

NACSSA position statements 


  • Support the lobby to lift the ban on harvesting and sale of Rhino horn
  • Having rhino's farmed commercially will hopefully reduce the pressure on wild populations in reserves and National parks
  • Moving from Cites 2 to 1 would potentially destroy any hope of them surviving as there would be no incentive for farmers to keep them on their farms given the high cost of security with no return from legal  hunting

 New developments in Kruger and other National Parks

  • Do not support any further developments or development zones in the Kruger or any national parks.  6 hotels being planned for the park
  • General opinion is that they have more than sufficient accommodation and types to fit all levels from basic to ultra luxury in the number of concession lodges in the park
  • Developments should be kept outside the boundaries of these parks

 Collapse of Nature reserves

  • Need a position statement from all key role playing NGO's
  • NACSSA to look at facilitating a NGO meeting on this subject and include DEA
  • Need to find a collaborative solution

 New Nuclear facilities in South Africa

  • Must be part of a total energy solution
  • Solar offers many opportunities
  • Concern over the ability of Government to safely manage and maintain these nuclear facilities judging by their poor track record in this regard

 Stewardship programs

  • Generally vague
  • Lack of interest in bringing in conservancies into the program from provinces like Gauteng and NW
  • Lack of funding for effective roll out
  • Concern over the support committed to by provinces to give the higher categories with regard to immediate expertise available to visit any site if needed
  • Distrust from farmers of anything to do with government
  • Lack of real incentives to join the program

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