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Cullinan Conservancy Committee 2014

Chairperson  Joan du Toit
Vice Chairperson Michael Yeomans
Treasurer Karlien Albertyn
Secretary Aldie Casewell

Additional Members:
Petro Lemmer  Donkerhoek (Ecology)
Erich Jessnitz  Elandshoek   (Historical)
Lynn Vermaak Rietfontein “ridge” (Educational)
Lynn van der Merwe   Rietfontein (assiting with administration)
Dries Cremer  Rietfontein “ridge” (Species lists)
Aurona Gerber  Rietfontein (Website and Face book)


Meeting of the North Eastern Gauteng Conservancies 10 March 2012.

Held at Sable Hills Conservancy

by Joan du Toit


Conservancies from the North Eastern region were welcomed and thanked for attending. Sable Hills Conservancy was thanked for hosting the meeting.

Andre Buys (chairperson of Sable Hills) gave a short introductory talk on the origin of the Sable Hill Conservancy highlighting the extensive biodiversity in the Conservancy as well as the challenges they experience to manage the area with regards to for instance veld fires and invader weeds.

Andre Buys (Chair person of Sable Hills Conservancy)

Piet –Louis Grundling gave a very interesting and entertaining talk on wetlands, challenges for conservancies and discussed possible solutions and the legislation pertaining to wetlands.

Piet-Louis Grundling giving a talk on Wetlands


A short feed back was given on the Tshwane/Dinokeng Declared Weed and Invader Plant meeting and the statistical results after an article appeared in the Bronberger. Conservancies were urged to attend the next meeting in May and then ,we would evaluate if we will participate further.

Various Conservancies gave feedback on activities within their conservancies. This gave the other conservancies insight into what is happening in the NE Gauteng area.

An invitation was extended to Conservancies to attend events in other conservancies. The possibility of a Facebook group- page was discussed and until this is investigated further it was suggested that any conservancy events be notified to Joan du Toit who will forward them to the GC&SA office to be placed onto the website or on

Sable Hills was thanked for their hospitality and delicious refreshments.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 and the group first departed for a boat trip on the Roodeplaat dam. Andre explained the rehabilitation that was ongoing with water hyacinths and rehabilitating the water edge to encourage birds.

Cruising on the Roodeplaat Dam

Part of the group then went on a game drive through the Conservancy.

Our next meeting will be in September at Leeugedacht Conservancy date and venue to be determined.

National Association of Conservancies / Stewardships South Africa


Joan du Toit

Friday afternoon 11th November 2011

The bi-annual meeting was held at Graceland wedding and conference venue in the Magaliesberg, the
Peglerae Conservancy falls within the this area.We had representatives from KZN, Gauteng, North West
and Mpumulanga

Friday afternoon we met and the representatives from the various regional association gave feedback. It
was evident that the conservancies are one of the organisations that are involved in the conservation of
the environment, most regions had minimal or no support from their Provincial Authorities. This was
discussed and a way forward could not be found except to continue negotiation and sending information
through to them like news letters and relevant information.

Building a strong relation with various Local Authorities and getting their support was suggested.

Saturday 12th November

The meeting started with the AGM, The previous minutes were read and adopted, it was suggested that
the present committee remain as is and Joan du Toit was asked to form part of the executive committee.

We had three excellent lectures
1. Alternative energy by Olof Beker

Olof discussed the pro’s and cons of the various energy sources, sun, wind and wave energy. He has done
extensive research on wave energy but felt that at this stage it was not economically viable .

2. EIA Legislation an update by Mercia Komen.

Mercia explained what was in the pipeline to streamline the EIA policy, it would appear that the
developers are complaining that it takes too long for them to geto permission to start a development and
that the officials who should be scrutinising the report don’t have the time or expertise to evaluate the
report. Mercia advised the conservancies to read through all reports carefully, and to raise concerns (not
objections) as short and factual as possible.

3. Bats and Conservancies by Ernest Seamark

The passion Ernest has for bats was evident from his lecture, he presented his lectures with slides of
various bats, he feels that conservancies have a role to play in the conservation of bats especially caves
within a conservancy. Wind turbines have a negative effect on bats especially if they are placed in
migratory paths.

After the meeting was adjourned for the day, the group went to the top of the Magaliesberg to look at the
view and enjoy the sunset.

We all met again at 19:00 for a very informal supper, fellowship and the award ceremony. 

Joan receiving the Gold award (Aardvark ) for the best Provincial Conservancy on behalf of the Gauteng Conservancy and Stewardship Ass.

Sunday Morning 13th November.
Birds and Conservation John Wesson.

John presented a delightful talk on Birds and Conservancies, he highlighted the way to encourage birds
into gardens, by putting up nesting sites and bird feeders. He also gave us figures of the monetary value
of having Birding Routes within an area or stretching across a few conservancies.

The meeting closed with Malcolm Steinbeck from KZN giving a summary of the meeting, every one
agreed that it was an excellent meeting, educational and networking with other conservancies essential.

Thanks to Cullinan Conservancy for sponsoring my accommodation, it was a privilege to be able to

Joan receiving the National Chairpersons award for her devotion and dedication to Conservation in the Cullinan Conservancy and North Eastern Eastern Gauteng Conservancies.

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