Cullinan Conservancy Events

Besonderhede sal voor elke geleentheid uitgestuur word.

Detailed notices will be sent out before each event.

Annual 2017 Bird Count

Dear members and neighbours,

We have decided to hold our annual bird count over two days this year, to give more people an opportunity to participate. Most of our birds have returned from their winter holidays, so we should have a good count if you all get involved.

We have attached a list of sightings over the past year, all you have to do is put your name on the top of the spread sheet, tick off what you have seen over those two days, add any new birds not listed at the bottom and email the list back to the office.

Here is the Birdlist - click on the link to download.

Die Cullinan Bewarea bied op 29 Oktober 2016 ‘n uitstappie in die voetheuwels van die Magaliesberg noord van die R104 aan om meer oor skerpioene te leer. Ons word deur die bekende Jonathan Leeming vergesel

Almal is genooi om die lesing bytewoon maar slegs 20 persone word op die veld uitstappie toegelaat,

Besprekings sluit op 24 Oktober.

 Sms asb u naam en epos adres na 071 280 2102 en ons sal die besprekingsvorm aan u stuur.

The Cullinan Conservancy presents an outing in the foothills of the Magaliesberg north of the R104 to learn more about scorpions. We will be accompanied by the well-known Jonathan Leeming.

All interested persons may attend the lecture ,bu, only 20 persons will be allowed on the field outing.

Bookings close on 24 October.

 Sms your name and email address to 071 280 2102 and we will send you the booking form.

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