Update February 2013

Neem kennis dat die aktiwiteite van Delfsand rondom die dorpsontwikkeling ons omgewing gaan beinvloed. Delfsand is continuing with the development and a lot of events happened of which us in the community have to take cognizance. Sien dokumente regs:

  • 'n Kennisgewing is in die veld opgtel.
  • Die ontwikkeling is ge-gazette.
  • Die ontwikkelaars is Hunter Theron Town and Regional Planners
    • Address:   53 Conrad Street, Florida North, 1709
    • Office:  (011)  472-1613, 7  Fax:  (011) 472-3454, 7 
    • Website: www.huntertheron.co.za
  • Besware teen of vertoë ten opsigte van die aansoek moet VOOR 12 MAART 2013 skriftelik en in tweevoud by die Stadsekretaris ingedien word by Posbus 440, Pretoria, 0001, gepos word (Geregistreerde pos). Stuur asseblief ook 'n kopie aan die Bewarea vir ons rekords. Sien ook die Gazette regs vir meer inligting oor vertoë.

'n Kaart wat Rayton, sowel as gedeeltes 55 en 10 waar die ontwikkeling beplan word, aandui

UPDATE October 2012

Exerpts from the Infrasors Integrated Report 2012.

Pienaarspoort Property Development

The Group has progressed on the proposal to establish a township and sell off the land which has been classified as investment property for capital profits.

Infrasors, through its wholly owned subsidiary Delf Sand Proprietary Limited, is the owner of Portion 55 of the Farm Pienaarspoort 339 JR, measuring 501 hectares.


Delf historically mined alluvial silica on the property and has explored and established the mining area for the proposed Pienaarspoort Silica Quartz crushing operation in the north eastern portion of the property. Alluvial silica mining operations on the southern eastern portion of the property have been concluded. Consequently, the land is no longer used for mining activities and is to be developed into a township establishment. Town and Regional Planners, Hunter Theron Inc. have been commissioned to developed a township framework plan.


The Infrasors Board, on reviewing the results of the development framework plan, have elected to continue with the required steps to establish a township. The project is currently in its 3rd phase of completion, which requires the formal township establishment application submission to the relevant municipal authorities.

The application to incorporate the property as part of its urban development framework, was submitted to the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality.


Once approved, the final township establishment application will be submitted to the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality for consideration. The information contained in the above studies (Phase 1, 2 and Additional) will form the basis for Infrasors Holdings Limited to proceed with the Phase 3 of formal applying for the Establishment of a Township in terms of the regulations of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance, Ordinance 15 of 1986.


Pienaarspoort Silica Quartz mine

A bulk sample was extracted in January 2011 for processing at the Delf Sand mine. The sample was crushed sized and washed to meet the expected profiles and sent off for chemical and composition evaluation.

Evaluation of the bulk sample was completed during the year under review. However further testing was being performed to understand the effect of using magnetic separation in the beneficiation process. In addition, a legal gap analysis was conducted on the remaining outstanding regulatory approvals during the period.

Township Development on Pienaarspoort portion 55.

Delfsand has conducted a study to develop Pienaarspoort portions 10 and 55 as Townships.

The Conservancy had a meeting with Delfsand in March.  This is a copy of the email content sent by the PA to Trevor Robinson (CEO Infrasors). The hight quality development framework plan is attached to this link, otherwise see below.


With reference to your meeting this morning with Mike du Plessis, attached hereto a copy of the proposed Development Framework Plan pertaining to the above property, for your information and records.

We have completed the following investigations:

·         Assessment Phase (Desktop Study); and

·         Preparation of a Development Framework Plan.

The above is still very premature and at this stage no decision has been made regarding the submission of a Township Establishment application – please note that public participation forms part of the environmental process and that environmental approval is a pre-requisite by Council for the approval of any township."

According to them, the status (November 24, 2010) is, and we quote

" We thank you for your interest in our properties (Portions 10 and 55 Pienaarspoort) but as mentioned previously, we have merely conducted a study to determine the status of the said  sites.   The process is therefore very pre-mature but should we decide in the future to proceed with a development, you would surely be advised thereof by means of advertisements as well as the prescribed public participation process."

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