Eskom Power Line - 2016

More information on the new Eskom power line project is at

The notification letter is available for download here: Notification Letter

The comment sheet is available here: Comment Sheet

The Conservancy recommends that each member of the community should complete a form with concerns, but if they want to send comments as members collectively, the Conservancy will still coordinate it.

Please cc the forms to

Closing date for registration 29 September 2016


Eskom Power Line - 2010

Due to grid overload, Eskom proposed the establishment of a new power line in our area. The initial power line was proposed, and after a meeting with affected parties as well as the Conservancy, Eskom adjusted the route. The new route is 4km longer, but has minimal impact on the environment because it follows existing servitudes and property borders.

Our Guinea Fowl award to Eskom who really went out of their way to protect and preserve our environment, and took our inputs seriously.

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