The Cullinan Conservancy is actively involved with the control of invader weeds. The SANBI list of declared weeds and alien invader plants is available here. 

This link from Biodiversity Explorer provide more information on the different invader categories as well as pictures of the plants. Please make sure you do not propagate these plants and eradicate them if they are on your property.

Month to month Guidelines for the Eradication of  Invader Plants and Declared weeds (Category 1).

Cullinan Conservancy

A list of recommended herbicides is available at the bottom of this page.









Pom Pom and Wild Verbena.

Cut off flowers, bag and foliar spray




Pom Pom and Wild Verbena

Cut off flowers, bag and spray




Cut down Lantana, Bugweed, Syringas and Poplars

Stump treatment of cut surfaces





Cut down Lantana, Bugweed, Syringas and Poplars and Pine Trees

Stump treat cut surfaces




Cut down Lantana Bugweed, Syringas and Poplars and Pine trees

Stump treat cut surfaces




Cut down Lantana, Bugweed, Syringas and Poplars and Pine trees

Stump treat cut surfaces



Cut down young Bluegums,Wattle and Pine trees




Cut down young Bluegums, Wattle and stump treat.

Just cut down Spanish reed

Cut down Cat Bush (wild asparagus)




Latana, Bugweed, Syringas Poplars, Blue gums, Wattle and Pine trees

Foliar spray any new growth (Coppice)

Foliar spray Spanish reed re growth

Foliar spray Cat Bush (wild asparagus)

Foliar spray new growth of Pine trees




Queen of the Night : Apply biological control,

Lantana, Bugweed, Syringas Poplars, Blue gums and Wattles

Foliar spray any new growth (Coppice)




Pom Pom and Wild Verbena

Cut off flowers, bag and foliar spray




Pom Pom and Wild Verbena

Cut off flowers, bag and spray


Alien Invaders in our area / Indringerplante in ons area


Pom Pom Weed

Pom Pom Weed is seriously threatening our grasslands. Please note that you HAVE to ERADICATE Pom Pom on your property by law.  Please think of your neighbours also, your Pom Pom investation is spreading to neighbouring farms.

As in previous years where we find the weeds on a farm we will notify the farmer by email. If no attempt is made to clear the Pom pom plants within 3 weeks, the letter will be forwarded to the Department of Agriculture who will issue a directive.

Cullinan Conservancy has purchased a limited amount of Plenum, and paid-up members can fetch some from Joan (bring your 500ml container).

Recommended herbicide: Foliar Spray.

Brush-Off @ 25g / 100 L = 3 .75g / 15L or

Climax @ 35g / 100 L or 5.25g / 15L   or

Access@ 0.35% = 52.5ml / 15 L or 3.5ml / L or

Plenum@ 0.375% = 56.25 ml / 15L or 3.75ml / L

Proposed control method

Cut off the flowers and place in a plastic bag immediately to be burnt once dry.

A single application (full-cover spray) on actively-growing plants and once late summer before onset of winter. Spot-spray re-growth if necessary.

See more information on the pom-pom page.


Lantana is a serious invader weed in our area.
Contact us for more information.

Recommended herbicide: Foliar Spray

Access@0.75% = 112.5ml / 15L or 7.5ml / L or

Plenum @ 1.5% = 225 ml / L  or 15 ml / L

Proposed control method: Stump Treatment

Access@ 1% = 150ml / 15L or 15ml / L  or

Plenum  @ 1.5% = 225ml / 15L or 15ml / L

Apply on freshly cut surfaces.

Seedlings and coppice (0,5 to 1 m high): Apply as full cover spray to foliage.

Queen of the night / Nagblom

This Queen-of-the-night plant has been infected with biological pest control. Contact us for more information.

Recommended herbicide: Foliar Spray

Confront @ 1% = 150ml / 15 L or 10ml / L or

Garlon @ 1%  = 150ml / 15 L or 10ml / L or

MSMA @ 5% = 750ml / 15 L or 50ml / L

Proposed control method: Plant Treatment

MSMA use 1L / 2L water

Large plants: Injection treatment in October. With a sharp instrument make one hole into soft tissue of each stem shorter than 2,5m and two holes in each stem taller than 2,5m. Inject 2 mℓ of the mixture into each of the holes.

Biological  control is available, and can be arranged , Inoculate in spring or summer. Contact your Conservancy for information.

Bug weed / Luisboom

Recommended herbicide: Foliar spray

Confront @0.60% = 90ml / 15 L or 6ml / L or

Plenum @ 0.25%  = 37.5ml / 15 L or 6ml / L

Proposed control method : Stump Treatment

Cut stump treatment while plants are actively growing. Apply Timbrel @ 3% = 450ml /15L or 30ml / L or

Or Access@1% = 150ml / 15L or 10ml / L or.

Plenum @ 1 %  = 150ml  15 L or 10ml / L or

Apply to freshly cut stump especially the cambium

A List of Recommended Herbicides.




Australian Blackwood

Confront@0.70% = 105ml/15L

or 7ml/L

Confront@4% = 600ml/15L

Or 40ml/L

Eucalyptus Grandis

(Saligna gum)

Plenum@0.5% = 75ml/15L

or 5ml/L

Plenum@3.0% = 450ml/15L

Or 30ml/L

Eucalyptus Sideroxylon (Iron Bark Gum)

Confront@0.75% = 112.5ml/ 15L

Or 7.5ml/L

Plenum@4.5% = 675ml/15L

Or 45ml/L


Confront@0.75% = 112,5ml/15L

Or 7,5ml/L

Confront@1% = 150ml/15L

Or 10ml/L

Black Locust

Plenum@1.5% = 225ml/15L

Or 15ml/L

Plenum@3% = 450ml/15L

Or 30ml/L


Plenum@ 0,75% =112.5ml/15L

Or 7.5ml/L

Bug weed (wild tobacco)

Plenum@0.25% = 37.5ml/15L

Or 2.5ml/L


= 150ml/15L or 10ml/L


Plenum@1.5% = 225ml/15L

Or 15ml/L

Plenum@1.5% = 225ml/15L or


Mexican poppy

Thorn apple/Bitter apple

Mamba@1% = 150ml/15L

Or 10ml/L

Scotch Thistle

Plenum@0.75% = 112,5ml/15L

Or 7,5ml/L


Confront@1.5% = 225ml/15L

Or 15ml/L

Timbrel@6% = 900ml/15L

Or 60ml/L


Confront@0.5% = 75ml/15L

Or 5ml/L

Confront@0.5% = 75ml/15L

Or 5ml/L

Spanish Reed

Mamba@3% = 450ml/15L or



Plenum@2% = 300ml/15L

Or 20ml/L


Confront@0.75% = 112,5ml/15L or 7.5ml/L

Plenum@1.5% = 225ml/15L

Or 15ml/L


Plenum@0.75% = 112.5ml/15L

Or 7.5ml/L

Plenum@2% = 300ml/15L

Or 20ml/L

Wild Tomato

Confront@0.5% = 75ml/15L

Or 5ml/L

Privet (Wax Leaf)

Confront@0.75% = 112,5ml/15 L

Or 7,5ml/L

Plenum@3 % = 450ml/15L

Or 30ml/L

Castor Oil

Plenum@ 1% = 150ml/15L

Or 10ml/L

Pom Pom

Plenum@0.375% = 56.25ml/15L

Or 3.75ml/1L

Pampas Grass

Mamba@3 % = 450ml/15L or 30ml/L

Cat Bush (wild asparagus)

Plenum@ 0.75% = 112,5ml/15L

Or 7,5ml/L

Queen of the Night

Confront@1% = 150ml/15L or 10ml/L or MSMA@5% = 750ml/15L or 50ml/L

MSMA use 1L/2L water. 1 stem injection (2ml) for less than 2.5m. 2 stem injections for more than 2.5m

Add Actipron @ 0.5% to herbicides were indicated. Add Ecoblue Dye @ 1 ml per liter to herbicides if required.


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